Which HDMI cable do I need?

October 09 2013

Over the years we've stocked different HDMI offerings. These days we have simplified down to one type: High Speed HDMI Cable


Will High Speed HDMI Cable do what I need?

HDMI cable is available in two main versions: Standard and High Speed.  High Speed (also called Category 2) is tested to ensure it can handle the full bandwidth of an HDMI device.  Standard (also called Category 1) is only tested at lower resolutions, framerates and bandwidth.  Because of that difference, only High Speed HDMI cable is guaranteed to work with 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.  It should also work with 4K resolution and other high end technologies.


Why does everything say 1.4?

A main HDMI organization designs the HDMI ports and and what they can do and lays out specifications for how HDMI cables should be tested.  1.4 was the last major version of HDMI.  So, for a few years now, we've been testing cables based on what was defined for version 1.4.  


Will I need to buy new cables for HDMI 2.0?

No.  If you have a High Speed (Category 2) HDMI cable that has been tested to work with HDMI 1.4, then it will also work with HDMI 2.0.  That means if you find a cable that is both High Speed and guaranteed to work with version 1.4, you are all set for the next generation of HDMI devices.


What about Ethernet?

HDMI cables can have Ethernet built in.  The cables should specifically say "High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet."  If you don't see that, then it there is no guarantee it will have Ethernet built in.  

Here at RiteAV, we stock High Speed HDMI Cable that has been tested to work with HDMI 1.4 products.  Due to low demand, we don't list HDMI with Ethernet at this time, but if you are ever interested in it let us know and we can hook you up!  Just email us at sales@riteav.com.