RiteAV OM4 Fiber is available from Amazon.com

April 28 2017

OM4 LC LC Fiber Optic CableRiteAV is proud to introduce OM4 duplex fiber optic patch cables as part of our Amazon lineup.

These high quality cables feature Corning® glass cores and high quality connectors. The ends are UPC meaning they have very low insertion loss and high return loss. Both of those characteristics make for a better performing cable.

RiteAV duplex fiber optic cables come with a zipcord style PVC jacket. This means that the two fibers (RX/TX) can be separated if necessary since each has its own complete PVC jacket. 

The duplex OM4 fiber comes already terminated with LC connectors and is available in lengths ranging from 1 Meter to 300 Meter.

Bandwidth Distance
100 Mb up to 2000 Meters
1 Gb up to 550 Meters
10 Gb up to 400 Meters
40 Gb up to 150 Meters
100 Gb up to 150 Meters