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1 Port HDMI/1 Port XLR 3 Pole Female D Series Heavy Duty Pass Stainless Steel Wall Plate - HDMI Angled Exit

1 Port HDMI/1 Port XLR 3 Pole Female D Series Heavy Duty Pass Stainless Steel Wall Plate - HDMI Angled Exit

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  • Easy to use and designed for maximum performance and dependability.
  • The sturdy construction ensures a long service life and the fabrication delivers timeless style.
  • Ruggedized D Series Couplers are corrosion-resistant and protect the connection from blunt force and vibration.
  • Available in different finishes to complement personal design style
  • Fits standard outlet boxes and mounting brackets

RiteAV's 1 Port Angled HDMI/1 Port XLR 3 Pole Male D Series Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wall Plate is configured with D Series Chassis Panel Mount Couplers which are durably constructed to withstand wear and tear in residential applications as well as in commercial settings like offices, hotels, dormitories and airports. This discreet solution enables you to route your cabling through the walls and results in a clean, professional look behind wall mounted televisions, monitors, projectors and entertainment centers in both residential (home theater) and commercial (classroom, boardroom, factory floor, recording studio, auditorium, concert hall and theater etc.) settings. The single body robust design of the couplers provides a reliable, stable connection for residential, industrial and commercial-grade audio, video and network connections. Mounting screws are included.

The HDMI 2.0 D Series Coupler supports 4K resolution at 60 FPS and is backwards compatible to HDMI 1.3a, 1.3b, and 1.4. In addition to this model in which the HDMI Cable would exit up out of the backside of the plate (as to not interfere with the XLR Connection), we also offer a model in which the HDMI Cable would exit straight out the back of the coupler and a model which the HDMI Coupler has a integrated pigtail on the backside to accommodate situations where depth is a concern as since it allows the cable orientation to be manipulated rather than requiring 90/180 degree connections. The XLR 3 Pole Female Coupler accepts a terminated XLR 3 Pole Male Cable on the front side and solder cup contact termination on the backside. The 3 contacts along with the ground/shield tab must be soldered on the backside of the coupler. The inputs on the front side are expertly crafted to ensure that 3 Pole XLR Male Cables fit securely into place and can be disconnected using the integrated push lock release mechanism. 

We offer a variety of D Series Couplers in an assortment of different styles, finishes and configurations to suit all of your A/V requirements. Be sure to also check out our full line of pre-configured D Series Panels, Wall Plates and accompanying cables.

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