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Different Colors

You can request colors besides white for your plates! Simply place your order and add an order note requesting a different color for one or more plates.

Solid wall plates and surrounds (the reactangle around the outside of the decorative style plates) are available in White, Black, Ivory, Gray, Brown, Light Almond, and Stainless Steel.

Inserts (the central part of decorative style plates) are available in White, Black, Ivory, Gray, Brown and Light Almond.

Note: We are currently limited to white VGA inserts only.

Couplers vs Punchdowns

The keystones you select for your wall plate will typically be either a coupler or a punchdown. If the title says "coupler" then the keystone will have the same female port on the front and the back of the plate. This allows you to run standard cables to the plate and install them without having to do any cutting or soldering of wires.

If the title says "punchdown" then you will have to cut the cable, fan out the wires inside it, and install them into the back of the keystone.

Low Voltage Mounting Brackets

You don't need a full electrical box in your wall if you are only using audio, video or data cables. If you pick a wall plate without power outlets, you can mount the plate to the wall using a simple Low Voltage Mounting Bracket. These brackets can be anchored directly to drywall and then the wall plate can be screwed into the bracket.

Single gang and dual gang low voltage mounting brackets can be added on to your order after you have built your wall plate.

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