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RiteAV - Fiber Patch Panel Enclosure LGX Compatible, LC UPC Blue, Single Mode and Multimode Compatible for 1.25G/10GB OS1-2/OM1-3 Networks

RiteAV - Fiber Patch Panel Enclosure LGX Compatible, LC UPC Blue, Single Mode and Multimode Compatible for 1.25G/10GB OS1-2/OM1-3 Networks

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LGX Footprint Compatible Fiber Patch Panel Loaded with Singlemode 6 Duplex LC Adapters,Plate is designed with a Robust Steel Design.
Make the installation and maintenance of the fiber optic cables more efficient.It's a long term, cost effective solution to securely transmit data requiring high transfer rates.

Multifunctional Compatibility
Fiber Optic LC F/F Adapter Keystone Jack Complies with SingleMode, Multimode, 1.25G/10GB, OS1/OS2/OM1/OM3, Adapt to various optical fiber cables, blue is just a marker.

Low Insertion Loss & Low Attenuation
Assembled with duplex, small form factor, 1.25mm ceramic ferrule, LC connectors designed for compact, high cable density environments.
Connectors include pre-installed duplex LC clips Insertion Loss≤0.3dB, Return Loss ≥50dB.

Plug and Play
1.Fiber Patch Panel have incorporated mounting clips that provide easy snap-in installation, save time in the field since there is no onsite termination necessary. a Removable dust caps for a reliable fiber and a great connectivity,which protect them from debris.
2.They are designed for fast and simple deploy and installation in a Fiber Termination Box or Fiber Patch Panel that require a plate full of couplers to get the Job Done.

1.Telecommunications-Carries data to internet, cable TV and phone subscribers at greater bandwidths.
2.Computer Networking-Transfers data at a higher rate of speed.IEC 61754-4, IEC 60784-14 and TIA 604-3.
3.Military and Defense-Cables are compatible with all makes and models of switches, routers, enclosures, patch panels, media converters, SFP modules network components.

The LC Fiber Adapter Panel with LGX Footprint in UPC Polish, is Fully Loaded with 6 LC Duplex Adapters for OS1/OS2 Singlemode Applications.

  • 4PCS LGX Footprint Fiber Patch Panel Loaded with 6 Duplex LC 12 Fiber Ports Adapters, Streamlines Fiber Optic Cable Patching Ceramic Inserts, Constructed in High Quality Steel with Black Color Electro Static Powder Coating;★ LC-LC Duplex Fiber Optic Couplers/Adaptors to join two duplex fiber patch cables together. Securely connect 9/125 singlemode or 62.5/50/125 multimode fiber optic patch cables.
  • 【Plug and Play】Feature a Simple-Snap-in Mechanism for Quick Tool-less Installation (no tool required),6 x Duplex LC Couplers 12 Fiber Ports Maximizes rack space; LGX Footprint Fiber Patch Panel Quick Field Installation in Organizes and secures Network Connections, Minimizes downtime during routine network maintenance.
  • 【Multifunctional Compatibility】6 Duplex LC LGX Footprint Fiber Patch Panel Compatible with Various types of optical fiber(SingleMode Multimode|1.25G/10GB OS1/OS2/OM1/OM3 LC Port Universal);★ These LC-LC Fiber Adapter comply with IEC 61754-4, IEC 60784-14 and TIA 604-3 and conform to RoHS standards.
  • 【High Return Loss,Low Insertion Loss,Low Attenuation】This LC to LC Fiber Coupler are lightweight due to their plastic bodies. Mating sleeves are made of ceramic, which provides low loss and high signal integrity. As well as connectors, you can identify them by their Blue color.
  • 【Widely Used】12 LC Fiber Ports Couplers is specially designed for fast Ethernet, Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet Speeds,Local Area Networks, Data Center, Premise installation, Wide Area Networks,Commercial and so on; Audio, video, sfp data services supported and Connects to SFP Transceivers Ethernet Switches and Media Converters. Education, Corporate, Military/Defense, Government, Healthcare, Finance, General Commercial.
Brand RiteAV
Connector Type Optical
Cable Type Fiber Optic, Ethernet
Compatible Devices Television, Router
Special Feature Lightweight
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